I am the First Eve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
I am a poet and word artist.  My pen name is C. Eve, but you may know me by the username shadowofeve or thefirsteve.

What app do you use for your poetry?
I use a variety of apps, but the main app I use is WordSwag.  WordSwag is available for both iPhone and Android.  I use a wide variety of apps to edit my photographs, but my most used apps are AfterFocus, Enlight, and Color Pop.

What does your pen name/website name mean?
The usernames “shadowofeve” and “thefirsteve” are both a reference to Snow White, Lilith from various mythologies, and Eve from the creation myth of the Abrahamic traditions.

Where do you live?
I live in the USA.

Will you collaborate with me?
I might have time available to collaborate with you!  Please send me an email and we can discuss this in detail.

Will you advertise my page/blog/website?
I might be interested in helping you out!  Please send me an email and we can discuss this in detail.

Can I draw/write/use your poetry as inspiration for my own art?
If you repost my poetry, please credit and tag me.  I feel very happy you find my art inspiring, but I request my work be credited and identified as my own. Thank you for respecting me and my art.